Month: April 2021

IxD 104 – Infographic Work in Progress

The Initial Layout I started off with a small surface area to fill out before I started expanding below. I realised after exporting it that the Korean peninsula was far too large compare to the islands, so I removed it in the next draft. I took what I had originally planned on paper and in…Continue Reading IxD 104 – Infographic Work in Progress

IxD 104 – Developing the Infographic

Mind Mapping Starting off like any other project, I started with a few ideas in mind. I planned on doing something related to Japan, but I did keep my mind open about other topic. These included the Depth of the Ocean, The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, The Cold War and it’s effects and the Population of…Continue Reading IxD 104 – Developing the Infographic

IxD 103 – Portfolio Website Consideration

This was our last lecture with Daniel before we finished for the Easter holidays. In this lecture Daniel went over our final part of IxD 103, which was creating a portfolio website. Daniel got the class over onto Miro and asked us to write onto a post it note what we think our portfolio website…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Portfolio Website Consideration

IxD 104 – Researching Infographics

Infographic Moodboards   Infographics about Japan For our infographics where where told we would be making them based on population, we can take that however we want, so I am choosing to look at Japan. Either the Tsunami, Fukashima  or just the overall population density of the islands of Japan.  …Continue Reading IxD 104 – Researching Infographics

IxD104 – Visualising Data

Infographics and Data Visualisation Introduction to our new project, visualing Data and infographics. Infographics basically mean what they mean, they are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilising graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends….Continue Reading IxD104 – Visualising Data

IxD 104 – Hand to Mouse – Week 3

The following week Paul talked to us about illustration, throughout the lecture Paul went over the different ways you can portray Illustration by showing us pieces of work from different illustrators. The one that I had already mentioned was Olly Moss, who I had looked at the week prior. Rogie King, Breno Bitencourt, Sarah Parmenter…Continue Reading IxD 104 – Hand to Mouse – Week 3

IxD 103 – Style Guides

Style Guide – The Physical or digital document that represents the styles, patterns, practises and principles of a deign system and teaches how to use it. Pattern Library – An organised set of related, reusable components, often containing code examples, design guidelines and use cases. Components – A self-contained and reusable pattern that represents a…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Style Guides

IxD 103 Brand Guidelines

This week we had a short lecture on brand guidelines before our brands critiques. So, what are brand guidelines? Brand guidelines are simply an instruction manual and rule book on how to communicate your brand. They lay out all the visual details, as well as important notes about the company’s voice, tone, and messaging. We…Continue Reading IxD 103 Brand Guidelines