IxD 104 – App Critique

During week 6 we group critique and feedback on our travel apps we had been working on. We had to display 3 or more screens of our app so far and show it on miro, everyone was asked to put a post-it note under everyone’s app and write what we liked and what we feel could be improved. I was extremely excited at the time to do this as I was fairly proud of my travel apps progress thus far. Below are the screens I showed to everyone.

What I loved the most about my app was the colour scheme and the use of Kanji and the spoken way of saying each word, I thought this would of been fairly useful for someone wanting to know how to actually say the Japanese version of each word.


In regards to feedback, I received a lot of possible and constructive feedback, most of the key issues where pointed out which where the line height and space between the text. Another was adding images which I am think is a great idea I had originally blindsided when making the app. Although overall I was very happy with the feedback I had received from Paul and my peers.

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