IxD 104 – Icons – Week 2

This weeks lecture was all about icons and their uses. Icons where going to play a huge role in our travel app, as they where going to be the way a client/user would navigate throughout our app. To start us off we where showed some examples of good designers to look at. Each of the designers had their own interesting style and takes on the overall design of the apps.


Olly Moss was definitely one that caught my eye, although the work on his portfolio site was mainly illustrations of movie and game covers, his style really caught my eye.


An artist called Kyle Tezak was recommended to us to look at, Kyles portfolio site has a lot of categories for his work.

These are some of the icon work he has posted on his site.


‘Icons are language agnostic’, this means they don’t have a language and can be understood all over the world, icons are apart of everyday life and we see them everywhere from packaging to roadsigns. Icons can have different styles e.g filled outlines, flat, hand-drawn, glyph or skeuomorphic. This simply means icons can have varying levels of detail, ranging from extremely simple to detailed.


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