IXD301 Week 9: Tasks

Week 9: Usability Testing

This week we covered usability testing in class and were given some time to work on our projects this is where I began to take the Figma work further and expand on what I had previously developed.


This is pretty much what I ended up with at the end of last week, with the implementation of the illustrations that I had taken from my sketches and turning the calendar into 3D. Last week I didn’t mention my colour pallet however when I developed it I could get a periodic colour pallet to function. Especially since they didn’t have a standardisation for the colours. Due to this, I thought I would stick to a Christmasy colour pallet to match the obvious theme.


Branding wise I was less focused on fully fleshing it out at the moment however I decided on a name I had thought of last week:


For this, I used the Manrope Font and kept it at an Extra Bold throughout. This includes the Numbers.

Here I added a shadow and began fleshing it out a bit and cleaning it up. Here you can see the filter Icon I created with snowflakes falling below.

The image above also has the numbers in the centre whereas in the image below I have money the numbers to the top left corner to imitate the periodic table. I think this worked well.

This is a blank version of how I hope to display information when it is clicked on and the tile opens up.

I messed around with some colours, backgrounds and shadows. Even adding snow effects to the render. These were all quite cool and I think I will add an option to turn on and off the snow.


Below you can see the development of the information display as I add text to brighten the colours of the relevant information from grey to white to help it pop and stand out.


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