IXD301 Week 8: Research & Recap

Content Stratagy, Design & User Personas

This week we looked at tailoring content to our target demographic and their requirements.

Kyle gave us two personas for our elements project:

Persona A – A Child (8–10)

What are they interested in? Is this to do with teaching? Is it fun? Is it serious? Is it gamified? IMPORTANT: Are we leaving some of the content out, because it’s not appropriate to the audience, for example, the atomic weight might be a bit boring.

Persona B – An Undergraduate Student (18–22)

A different kind of person, different kind of needs. This person might want the atomic weight (in fact they might need it).
Stress that the different personas will lead to different outcomes and that before we begin to design something we need to think about who is using it and what their needs are.
Personally, I think I am going to stay with the first persona of a child between the ages of 8-10 but I would like to keep it open to all age groups.
Kyle showed us  examples of:
  • Competitive analysis
  • Questionnaires
  • User Scenarios
  • Site Maps
  • Wireframes
  • User persona for your project

What I Learnt:

I found the user personas interesting I had used them on my website but it would be different and a change to use them on another project. A questionnaire is also another aspect of UX I haven’t explored yet and definitely interesting how it affects decision making and how you can learn what is needed for your clients.


My advent Calendar:

This website allows users to create their own personalized advent calendar for friends and family. It allows you to add videos, text, images and embed many other things.

Digital Advent Calendar launched for Xmas | Blog | Vie AestheticsEasy, fun ways to make your own advent calendar

Pin on Advent Calendar

Im a fan of the grided box layouts on the advent calenders

The advent of type | Johnson Banks



This is an advent calendar for UX designers that unlocks new doors every day releasing articles from renowned UX designers giving an insight into their work or work processes.


Digital advent calendars also exist for programmers. In fact, I’ve found more for the coding community than any other community. In 2014 an advent calendar was collated to release interesting studies, tips, tricks and lectures on Web development and maximising performance.

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