IXD301 Week 6: Research & Recap

What we Covered: Promotional Strategy

This week kyle covered self-promotion and how to get people to see your work. Kyle pushed the narrative of creating a narrative, a story that people can relate to and follow.

This can be achieved through many tasks, having a blog, creating an actual story, and posting work on Instagram. Kyle then showed us his three-pronged approach to self-promotion.

The promotional three-pronged approach:
  1. Portfolio Site
  2. Social Profiles (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  3. Inspiration and Priming the Brain (Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.)

The portfolio site which we’ve created, then social profiles to link and lead to the portfolio website. and then posting little snippets on websites where loads of people will see your work like Pinterest and Tumblr.

What I learnt:

I definitely think that we covered storytelling quite. a bit and it’s definitely something I think helps engage users and helps them remember you. Nothing is better than a story. This is something I think could be cool to incorporate in my own self promotion/ branding however I’m not sure how. this weeks task is to create some Instagram posts for Instagram which I think could be cool and maybe start some ideas.


This week I looked at grease pencil. Grease Pencil is a blender tool that allows you to draw and animate in 3d and 2d. This is a powerful tool that when learnt can be quick and easy to sketch out ideas and finalise them. I’ve recently become interested in using blender for more things and I have already used it for 3d modeling and just general messing around however I think It could be really cool to use this with a project.

Export grease pencil · Issue #925 · KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO · GitHub

This week i followed a tutorial replicating the work of an experienced grease pencil artist:

This was in total a 2-hour tutorial but if I’m going, to be honest, it took about 4 hours and that was with me already knowing a lot of it so if I was a complete beginner I would have struggled a lot! It covered how to use grease pencil its limitations as a new tool and how to overcome them. it also covered animating drawings and how lighting affects them. This had however changed since the tutorial so I had some googling to do of my own.

Some images I saw that I liked 😊:

File:Grease pencil rasoahaingo.png - Wikimedia CommonsI made a grease pencil animation! : r/blenderWhat is Blender Grease Pencil Used for? | Full In-Depth Review - InspirationTutsBlender Grease Pencil: Creating 3D Environment Illustrations | by Kía Valdez Bettcher | gskinner | Medium

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