IXD302: Week 3 Recap & Research🚀

Week 3: Creative Entrepreneurship: Studio Etiquette

I was unfortunately not in the country for this lecture however luckily the lectures are recorded for anyone who is not present due to covid or other circumstances so I was able to watch the content again.

Today we covered Studio Etiquette, this included how to behave within a studio while working with others and how to handle yourself around clients whether that be in person or online through a zoom call.

I don’t think any of these were new to me as I have worked in shared spaces with other people before.

We then took a look at how to handle yourself in emails and phone calls, this followed a similar direction to the others.

The class was split up into break out rooms where they had to speak over a number of topics and assume a selection of roles. This included a notetaker, chairman, and other general parties.

I thought this would be quite interesting and looking back on the lecture notes I wish I was there for this.I think one of the key things to learn from this is to always communicate with each other and no question is too stupid as it can always be used to clarify and expand on a subject.

What I Learnt:

I think the key takeaway from today’s lecture was to always be respectful to others and treat them how you wish to be treated, and that it’s never a wrong time to ask questions especially if they are clarifying tasks and work.


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