IXD302 Week 3: Tasks

Week 3 Tasks:

this week we covered etiquette within a studio, this included interacting with other designers and colleagues along with clients. During the day daniel held a workshop with breakout groups where we practised a meeting. This weeks task relates to this but covers all online communication through email.

This week I also finished off my CV. I had my family proofread it along with some of my friends before I used it to send it off.

In general, I am pretty happy with the outcome of my CV I feel like it reflects me perfectly and shows all my skills to employers. Now all I have to do is send it off to companies and hopefully, they respond and off from a placement.

Leander-Cover Page

Leander CV



We also had to continue researching design companies alongside any further information related to today’s lecture this can be found in my research and recap blog.

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