IXD302 Week 1: Recap & Research

Lecture Recap:

This was the first session of IXD302 with Daniel Philpot, this session was more of an overview of what we will be covering in the following weeks and easing us into the course. We covered course content in creative entrepreneurship which is the title of this module where we will be creating a CV and cover letter alongside an Invoice in the latter weeks. We then began by covering some simple techniques and ideas that would help us find a placement and be successful in applying for one.

We then went into a workshop where we had to write down everything we would look for in a potential employer and how this would affect our decisions when picking an employer.

What I learnt:


This week was more of a warmup to the following weeks however I think the most important thing I took away from this was to be confident in who I am, don’t be afraid to ask questions andput myself out there if I want to stand any chance of getting a placement in a design company.

Website of the Week:


Finale 21 is a german website created to display the work of final years and graduates biggest projects. This website is a very interactive and overwhelming experience that as far as UX and accessibility goes isn’t great. However, design-wise it’s very creative and downright cool. The image above is just the loading screen that reveals the image behind as the cursor moves. The text changes to purple when hovered on to give some feedback as a call to action.

Once opened you’re met with a white screen with text and titles floating past you in a 3D screen. It follows the purple and black theme from the loading screen. When the text is hovered on it turns into an image which I’ve seen on quite a few websites and is something kinda cool. But my favourite is how it reads out these titles and gives some feedback. This can be turned on and off on the top left and personally, I think it adds a lot. I’m not a fan of the menubar on the top I feel like it could be displayed differently and the typography could be better.

when you click on the text you get taken to the case study of the project. They list minimal information which I think is very nicely laid out with very high-qualityphotos that go down the page. Left and right of the screen are calls to action for moving to more projects which I think is well done and small enough to not detract from the rest of the page. The purple border comes from the main page and really helps add to the page by balancing the colours.

I’m not a fan of the bottom of the page because I’m not sure it matches the rest of the website the grey part in particular. I like the layout of the list of names in 4 columns. Personally, I would have kept the grey section black to match the rest.

In general, I think this is a pretty cool website to get ideas from but as far as being an actual website it isn’t the best. It certainly makes you remember the website and the content. There are deffinatlya. few things I would change and remove and the animated main page is really cool but doesn’t help navigate the website.


8/10 Originality

3/10 Accessibility

5/10 Typography

6/10 Colour

OverAll: 5.5/10


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