IXD302 Week 1: Tasks


This week’s tasks consisted of researching designers around the world alongside local designers.


  • Find three examples of local companies that you admire.
  • Find three examples of international design that you believe are world-leading and produce exceptional work.


Us folk

Us folk is s local illustration and design company made up of loads of amazing and talented illustrators and designers. They are currently one of the biggest illustration and design companies in Belfast and continually grow and expand their capabilities within the market. They are a collection of freelance creators that support each other and now occupy the same space making illustration, design and UX a professional and tangible long-term job.


Pentagram is one of the world-leading design companies specializing in branding. Their work ranges from digital branding to interactive real-world art installations. Their work ethos is something to admire and the transparency with their work and the attention to detail by the designers is amazing. As a company, it prides itself in its designers and never waits to show off who did what project.

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