IXD104 Week 2 Task

Task 1: Mind Map

Creating a quick mind map for my project:

Taking it into Miro:

Task 2: Paper Wireframes

Before I began to design some wireframes for my own app I had to decide with the travel app idea I was going to go with I ended up picking space travel as although not realistic I thought it would be quite funny. Following this, I looked up more travel app designs and drew a wireframe for them so I could see if there was a pattern.

These are from three popular apps. 1. Garmin watch app, 2. GoPro Video App, 3. Track and Trace NI

Above are 3 wireframes from random online travel apps.

A couple of things I took from these were:

  • The amount of empty space
  • large visible buttons
  • clean color palette
  • filleted corners
  • nice consistent grid system
  • limited text
  • recognizable logos and icons

These are some of my designs:


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