IXD103 Week 3 Tasks

Task 1: Typography mark up

Task 2: Helvetica Documentary

We had previously watched the Helvetica documentary as a recommendation from Paul

The documentary began by saying that everywhere you walk you see typefaces, but there’s one you see probably more than any other- Helvetica.  Helvetica was described as being like “air” or “gravity” because of its omnipresence.

Helvetica is a very controversial typeface, it’s loved by many due to its flexibility, professional-looking appearance, and its legibility.  However many also hate the typeface due to the fact it has “no personality” and is “overused”.

I believe that all typefaces can be used in thousands of different ways.  A brand’s identity doesn’t remain completely in the typeface – it’s how you use a typeface and the other elements that will create the brand identity and tone of voice.  Experimental Jetset really proves this as I feel all of their works are completely different from one another despite the typeface remaining the same in every account.

Task 3: Word Play

Take 6 words and represent them using Helvetica using the word itself.


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