IXD104 Week 1 Tasks

TASK 1: Recreating Icons

The first task given to us was to recreate some travel icons that paul had supplied us with:


So I took them into Figma and recreated 4 of my favorites from the red and purple icons.



















I really enjoyed doing this task and thought it would be more complicated to do however it was a lot easier to do than expected

TASK 2: Mind Map

I created a mind map of my ideas for the kind of travel app I wanted to create. I just thought of three different ideas and the possibilities around them.


TASK 3: Look at other apps


I looked up a couple of designs used for apps and this one caught my eye:

This is a Traveling App designed by Cal Esatama

I really like the simplicity of this design and the colors used in the illustrations. Personally, I think the illustrations are what make this app beautiful along with the nice paneled display.  I think the color scheme on this app works amazingly along with the simplistic illustrations the blend well with the functionality of the app. The utalisation of empty space really helps consume your attention and appreciate the illustrations along with the simplistic icons that do everything to try and not distract the user from the app itself.

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