IXD102 Web Essay Foundations

I have finally finished the actual essay and I am at the point where I will begin to add my images and illustrations. I spent a lot of time developing the bibliography as I found this quite hard and have already added in the illustrations for this section. We had a critique with Kyle and Pauline and they said they like my overall design and just mentioned the lack of images and that I should post about my experimentation with my title etc. Currently, my web essay is a blank sheet with only the header and footer being finished. I have some ideas and began sketching penguins to practice for my illustrations.

This is what my website currently looks like https://leanderixd.github.io/jan_tschichold/jan_tschichold-three.html
















So as I was doing my title I experimented with different styles and layouts and eventually settled on what you saw however I went through a couple variations and they didn’t work very well.

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