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Hicksdesign is a design company created by John and Leigh Hicks and has been working with clients globally since 2002.

They specialize in:

  • Web & Product Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Iconography
  • Print

While looking through their work I found A series of illustrations for DuckDuckGo – telling the story of the alternative search engine’s unique privacy features. It was really nice to see that big firms also create their work on paper first and transfer it to screen and similar to myself try and explore other media like animation.























As just a website I really enjoy the side menu bar and its interaction with the change in background and how that affects its color.








As a company, I really enjoy their color usage and I would really like to incorporate this in my own work. They also balance white space and content really well which I still struggle with.









John Hicks was responsible for the redesign of Spotify in 2014 and for me, this was very cool as I remember seeing this change at the time and being amazed by the new design and simplicity as Spotify adopted a newer more modern design. I found it really cool to see the number of different versions created for each icon and the effort and thought behind them. Many of these have now been redesigned and further modernized however it brings back great nostalgia from when it used to be the face of Spotify.

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