IXD103: Final Submission

Brand Guidelines PDF:

brand guidelines

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Brand Summary:

At the start of this semester, I knew very little about branding. Like many people, I thought the majority was just a logo, but I quickly found that this wasn’t the case. I learnt that so much more time and thought go into a brand and that psychology plays a big role in it. A successful brand will also have an emotional connection with the audience.

My monogram, wordmark and visual marque all have a geometric style. I chose this because I wanted my brand to come across as confident and trustworthy. They all have a similar look with use of bold lines as I wanted to keep everything consistent. The monogram resembles a maze which later inspired my visual marque. The maze element of my brand represents determination and moving forward which ties in with my overall tone of voice. Purple is my main brand colour which remains consistent throughout. Purple symbolises creativity, imagination and it is an energetic colour.

As I was designing, I was aiming to create a brand which provides a feeling of confidence, trust, and creativity. I think I managed to do this through my designs. I also wanted my brand to be visually appealing and unique. One way I did this was by creating multiple brand touchpoints such as, animating my monogram and visual marque. I feel that these really brought my brand to life.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this module and I look forward to continue using what I have learnt.

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