IXD103- Sunni Brown Doodling Ted Talk

My thoughts on the ted talk by Sunni Brown on doodling:

Society seems to have a bad opinion on doodling, especially in places we are supposed to learn. This is because they are deemed unimportant and meaningless. This ted talk looked into how doodling is actually beneficial and how that stigma should be taken away.

Sunni Brown talks about how doodling can be an incredible tool and positively impact the way we process information and solve problems. Doodling is said to prevent you losing focus and can help you be more creative. There are 4 ways we learn, visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic. Usually, we would use just one or two of these when trying to process information. However, doodling, engages all four of these so there is no doubt it helps with problem solving.  In fact, studies have shown that people who doodle when exposed to verbal information retain more of that information.

She gave this definition of doodling: Doodling is to make spontaneous marks to help you think.

I like this because, from my own experience, it is always the most spontaneous doodles that turn into something bigger. It also helps me be more creative and come up with unique ideas.

I will take what I have learnt from this talk into my own work. I am getting much better at working on paper first and scribbling down ideas before bringing it to a screen. I think this is so important because you get so many more options which you can then start to develop and chose the best one. I also think it is beneficial to be able to look back after finishing a piece of work at the first doodle to see how far you have come. It also shows your thinking process and how you got to the final product.

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