IXD303 : Week 6 Lecture Reflections

First things first, here are some notes I did out of what was covered in this week’s lecture…

This week’s lecture was all about the design sprint. The day was mostly spent by us doing a big designing task essentially of a mini sort of design sprint in groups. We looked at each stage of the design sprint and were give a time frame to work on it.

It was actually quite fun. The design question we were posed was “how might we ease the pressure on accident and emergency departments?”. We looked at a few of the issues and then we decided¬† to focus on some of those issues.

We started with an empathy map, then later we did users journey maps, then we did crazy eights for ideation, After that we decided on what we were doing and worked on more developed sketches to share with the class. Through all this we also looked at some of the other aspects of the design sprint process which are all listed in my notes.

This weeks lecture was very hands on so I felt I was really able to get to grips with the lecture content as I actually got the chance to practice a lot of the steps. Even if in a real world setting you would take longer at them,  it also got me to consider the time I really need to get things done. So in the end it was a great lecture for learning things.

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