IXD304 Apollo Project : Prototype Homepage

My idea for the homepage of my prototype is for it to be almost like the cover of the comic book issue that is the rest of the site. This page, much like an actual comic cover will set the tone for the readers experience going through the rest of the pages so it’s important that it really makes the right impact and draws you into a unique and immersive experience.



Before I started sketching I looked at the sources of inspiration I had accumulated primarily the pinterest board I put together with lots and lots of different comic covers to look at for reference because even though I’m more so taking inspiration from comics rather than actually making a comic, I still want to be as accurate as I can be within reason as I think it’ll add to the overall experience kinda like what the graphic designers in film were doing when we looked at them in week 5. I primarily referred back to the Fantastic Four covers within the board for inspiration.



After I spent some time looking through comic covers, I sketched out my ideas…


I’ve decided to put the navigation vertical on the left side, the reason being : comics usually have the publishers logo and the issue number and some times a character logo squared off at a corner. I thought it would be fun to implement my own sort of parody to that based of of how Marvel do it in recent times but instead using the Nasa logo and my own but in red and white. With that I feel it only makes sense for the navigation to be connected to it.

Another thing to note is that I initially envisioned the Saturn V shooting, and although it would look cool, upon further thought it does make any sense. So I decided to change it to the Service module instead which makes more sense.


Once I was finished sketching out my idea, I began to assemble the page. There were some things I had to initially put together in illustrator then move to Adobe XD but for the most part putting it all together was pretty simple.

There were certain things that I knew I wanted to be actual images like the moon in the background but I was initially thinking of drawing the 3 astronauts. I put in actual images of them as stand ins though and decided to stick with that because I though it looked really well.

I was sick for for a bit before week 6’s critique and this set me back back a bit in terms what’d have to show. I manaaged to put this page together although the background isn’t quite right yet and I had to stick in a stand in shape for the service module because the illustration isn’t done yet. I think it worked out pretty well and the feedback I received was positive overall so I’m. feeling good about the direction I’m headed I just need to keep battering on to get my whole prototype done.






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