IXD302 Product Pitch : Research

Proof of Concept

Before I could go about research for my product pitch, I had to know what I need to include in my pitch in order to validate my concept. Essentially I have to be able to prove that there’s a market for it and it should exist.

I learned a lot about the different ways to go about validating ideas from week 10’s lecture on Proof of Concept and Initial Research but I also looked to the book “Ux For Lean Start Ups” by Laura Klein for a more in depth guide.


What’s The Problem?

From my interview with my granny I did to develop my concept I identified a problem being that new doctors don’t know your medical history and as a patient it can find it hard to remember. I realised during my research that that problem I could split into two and so that is how I approached it going forward.

In a tutorial session I was also encouraged to look into the NHS’s ongoing GP crisis and find a possible way to improve that situation with my product as well.

Validating Problem No.1

I validated this problem with my initial interviews / concept testing but because I was only interviewed a couple people. I had to do some more research online because other wise I could potentially be designing a product that solves a very specific problem that effects very few people.

I looked for sources on the issue and the effects of poor communication in health care settings and here is what I found including patient stories…


Validating Problem No.2

The second problem I identified from initial interviews was having trouble remembering everything in stressful situations…

To validate this problem I did some research on the effects off stress on our memory…



Validating Problem No.3

I then also did a ton of research on the GP crisis within the NHS. I found a lot of information on UK news outlets as well as testimonies and stories on online forums that helped me validate this problem fairly quickly.


Identifying My Market

From my research on the problems I was able to determine that my market would be GP’s and their patients. Thus I will be using my research findings to create simple personas for both groups.


Possible Competition

From simple researching I found lots of examples of personal health tracking apps as well as electronic health record softwares but no hybrid between the two which is what my product “Health Story” would be.

What’s next?

Now that I’ve done my research, it’s time to plan my pitch and design my slides.

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