IXD302 Product Pitch : Planning and Designing My Slides

Initial Pitch Slide Planning

After doing research on all the areas I want to cover I started to think about an order for slides. It took a lot of consideration but I eventually came to a slide order I was content with…

My next step was to get designing them…


Design Inspiration


I made a Pinterest board to give me inspiration for my illustrations for some of the slides. You can find that here. I also looked at my icons board and illustration inspiration board which were also helpful.


For colour palette I thought using light blues and pinks would fit the context really well as for starters the colours are used often in clinical contexts, then also the colour blue signifies trust worthiness and pink signifies caring. When trying to determine shades I thought back to the colours I used in my screen time in infographic and figured that it wouldn’t hurt to go with the shades of blue and pink I used for it.



I decided that I would use a more vibrant dark blue for outlines to make my slides pop more. This choice is inspired by illustrations I found on Pinterest.


Font Choice

Also similarly to my infographic design I decided to use good old Futura for the text on my slides since it’s easily read and it just looks good, it also fits the vibe of health story.


Some Design Sketches

Here are some sketches I did for different design elements of my slides…



Talking Points For Each Slide

Once I had each slide designed, I decided on my talking point for each…

Slide 1

This is the slide where I say hello/ good afternoon and introduce the product I’m going to be pitching which is Health Story.


Slide 2

This slide is about my vision for this product.


Slide 3

This slide is where I talk about what the mission of Health Story is.


Slide 4

This slide is where I start to list the problems, starting with the fact that new doctors don’t have access to your medical history like your gp would.


Slide 5

This is where I talk about the importance of medical history giving key context to doctors that them missing out on can cause unnecessary complications. I’ll be giving an anecdote about my granny and a situation she experienced here.


Slide 6

This is where I list the second problem being how it’s hard to remember everything especially in a stressful situation like being in hospital when you’re sick.


Slide 7

Then I’ll go into more detail about how studies have shown that stress has significant effects on both the production of memories and the ability to recall them.


Slide 8

This slide is where I list the third problem that the NHS don’t have enough GPs.


Slide 9

Then I go into a specific example like Belfast.


Slide 10

Then I’ll start talking about what my market is for this product.


Slide 11

This is the slide where I talk about my personas, one being a patient and the other a GP and what their stories, wants and frustrations are.

Slide 12

After the personas I’ll ask the audience to think of people they know who could benefit from having a product like Health story.


Slides 13 – 17

These slides will all be just me listing some of the aspects of Health Story that are part of the solution.


Slide 18 – 19

In these slides I show I know what my competitors could potentially be  ie. health tracking apps and electronic medical record softwares. i think explain how health story is the best option because it fuses the two unlike anything see before.


Slide 20

This is my final Slide where I just thank everyone for listening and then open up for questions.


What’s next?

All that’s left to do now is put my talking points on queue cards and prep myself best I can for presenting my pitch on Friday.

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