IXD301 Elements Project – Character Design

Who is Evie?

The premise of my app is that you are helping a girl (could be sister or cousin) I’m think of calling Evie unpacked and move into here college room. She is going to study chemistry and so as you unpack each item she makes you learn about a key element of that item to continue.

Initial Sketches

Here are some initial concept sketches of what Evie could look like…

Finding Inspiration

In order to further work on the character’s design. I had to find some inspiration…


I found lots of inspiration on my Pinterest boards. I primarily looked to my illustration, cute faces and drawing characters boards as well as my special elements project board with lots of cool science lady illustrations.


I’m a very big Nintendo fan and so with all their super cool and cute characters I couldn’t not look to them for character design inspiration.

More Sketches

After finding some good inspiration I continued to sketched out the character until I found a design I was happy with.


The next step after figuring out what Evie should look like was to put her together in illustrator. It’s times like these that I realise that sometimes the style that I sketch my ideas does always translate to illustrator. That said although my digital version doesn’t look the same as my sketches it’ still just as good.


Here I added her to my prototype so far.


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