Creative Futures

After getting feedback from my one to ones I used the critique to improve my materials. It was very useful because at times I felt lost on what I wanted to achieve. When getting feedback from my last assignments I made changes to what I had and this is the result.


I chose this poster because it incorporates the t-shirt they fight over in my short film. Overall it had the best look out of all the posters. In the end, I choose to use my own handwriting for “Brawl at the Mall” as I thought it looked best and match my style more. I looked at other fonts but wasn’t happy with any of the looks. For the background, I used the color of my background in the film which made the character stand out. I also added some different brush textures to the background.

Business Card

I decided to go with a  different design for my business cards as I was happy with my concepts. I decided to incorporate my favorite which is blue. I wanted something that shows off my personality. I couldn’t just choose one drawing for the front so I decided a use a lot of my sketches for the background. From my feedback I was told that my handwriting was harder to read so I used text instead to make it clear. For my display, I used paper ones only until my real ones arrive which are a better quality.


I went for this C.V. design and change the layout so I had more room for experience. Again I choose blue as it’s my favorite color and it matches my business cards. I updated my information and did my best to make it clear.

End-of-Year Show Display

I plan my end-of-the-year show board to be plain white so that it wouldn’t be too distracting from my poster and concept art. I wanted my storyboards and concept art to be around the poster. Firstly I painted my board white and then prepared my stuff such as posters and printed storyboards, concept art, and environments. I made cardboard cutouts of my characters which are going at each end of the monitor. I thought this would be a cute idea and add more to my display.


In my updated showreel I included some scenes from my short film. I made sure it was the ones that I thought were the best scenes. I also included some previous work from different years as I felt that held up and showed off my skills. I also incorporated the color blue as a branding for myself as it’s the color I included in my business card and C.V. I also added my name logo from my business card with a blue background. At the end of the showreel, my contact information has been updated.


Next, I updated my portfolio by adding work from this project and some other personal pieces. I also made sure my contact information was updated. In the future, I am going to keep it up to date with projects I’m working on.

Digital Strategies

I’ve been promoting my film on my Instagram and posting it on my story and account. I’ve got a good following and it gets the word out to people.


Artbook – Display

For my display artbook, I decided to use a display book and print out my art. This was an affordable option for me and I’m happy with how it turned out. I wanted to keep it simple so it was just my artwork on its own. It’s also pink so it matched my display.



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