IXD301 – Portfolio: Refinements & Final Product

After the feedback from my presentation, I made some final refinements for my portfolio, including:

  • A nicer, cleaner layout for the first part of the home page, including a more informative description of who I am. I decided to centre the text as I felt that it suited the rest of the page better.
  • A list of roles beside each case study link, which shows the user what I was involved in doing for each project.
  • A re-design of the case study pages, which suits the home page better, making the whole site feel much more consistent and flowing.
  • Added a lot more information to the About page, including my design strengths, as well as a link to my CV, as I realised I hadn’t included it until now.

Overall, I am very pleased with the final outcome. I feel I was able to express my brand as well as my personality through my portfolio, and it tailors to the needs of my target audience – employers. The most important thing to me was getting them to understand my process behind my work, while also giving them an overall sense of who I am.


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