IXD301 – Elements: Refinements & Final Product

After my presentation last week, I was able to take the feedback I had received from Kyle and make some changes and refinements to my Elements app:

  • Cut down the information on each element’s information page, and split the information into sub-headed paragraphs.
  • Made each element slightly bigger when hovered over on the exploration page, making it feel a bit more interactive.
  • Added a navigation bar at the top of the exploration page, which brought out the list of all the discovered elements, which you could click on to revisit the information – the elements also lit up a brighter colour when hovered over.
  • Created a new page after each new element was discovered, which would congratulate the user for finding the new element – I added this to create a better reward system for my game and its users.

Overall, I have enjoyed this project, and I have surprised myself with my ability to pick up interactive prototyping. It was a struggle getting to grips with the project, especially towards the start of it, as I was already behind in my work due to being off sick for so long. But Kyle was able to help me a lot in picking up what I had missed, and was able to ease my mind in ensuring everything would turn out for the best. I’m proud of myself for producing what I have, and I am excited to begin next semester with a fresher and healthier start.

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