Month: January 2022

IXD304 – Space Moodboard

Kyle asked us to create a moodboard for our Apollo project, by compiling images relating to our ideas and design influences. Because I’m steering in the direction of a retro-inspired design, to fit with the late 60’s-early70’s feeling, I want to incorporate that into my research. I decided to create a Pinterest board to gather…Continue Reading IXD304 – Space Moodboard

IXD304 – Week One: Briefing & Introduction

During today’s online class, Kyle talked us through the module, and what we would be covering in the coming weeks. Our module with Kyle this semester is Narrative and Storytelling. The project this semester consists of creating both a prototype and a website or digital publication, based around telling the story of the Apollo mission….Continue Reading IXD304 – Week One: Briefing & Introduction

IXD301 – Final Submission

The following are links to my work: Portfolio – Elements –   Blog tag for this module: IXD3o1…Continue Reading IXD301 – Final Submission

IXD301 – Elements: Refinements & Final Product

After my presentation last week, I was able to take the feedback I had received from Kyle and make some changes and refinements to my Elements app: Cut down the information on each element’s information page, and split the information into sub-headed paragraphs. Made each element slightly bigger when hovered over on the exploration page,…Continue Reading IXD301 – Elements: Refinements & Final Product