IXD304 – Week One: Briefing & Introduction

During today’s online class, Kyle talked us through the module, and what we would be covering in the coming weeks. Our module with Kyle this semester is Narrative and Storytelling.

The project this semester consists of creating both a prototype and a website or digital publication, based around telling the story of the Apollo mission.

The deliverables will consist of:

  • 60%
    • Immersive Prototype
    • Narrative Website/Digital Publication
    • Presentation
  • 40%
    • Weekly blog posts
    • Research, discovery and supporting materials, sketches, wireframes and mockups

I’m quite excited for this module, as space is a subject that really interests me, and creating a project around a space mission sounds like a lot of fun. I’m very interested in storytelling too, so this is a chance for me to show my interests and talents in the area.

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