IXD301 Wk2:- Content

This week was all about content and seeing the different types of content, where it comes from and who owns it.

Scanned Class Notes Written Within Class:-

In the past I don’t think I ever gave much thought to content but in this class I realised just how important it actually is and how it is one of the first things that needs to be done when creating a webpage or app.

There are so many elements that go into creating content that can easily be missed. Content needs to have the same tone of voice as the brand, so language and typography need to be considered. MailChimp is an example of a brand that was given that their content communicates in a nice way and really matches their brand.

A closer look at MailChimp’s content:

Through the language used. Mailchimps content caters to both the novice and experienced user making it a programme that anyone can use due to the language that they use. Unlike some other programmes that choose to use overly complicated language or others that use overly simple language

Their content is all well labelled so that the user can easily find what they may need and can know where everything is with just scanning the words and allows the user to not have to focus long, reading the words

MailChimp also does a good job of filtering their content sop that only necessary content is shown. They don’t have any content for the sake of it. Everything has a reason for being there whether for one person or another.

MailChimps content also matches their brands tone of voice and does a brilliant job representing their company and displaying how they want to be seen.


While analysing MailChimp I learned a lot about what good content should be like. Using all of the information that I gained in class and seen good content in play on MailChimp I am feeling better equipped for creating my own content for my portfolio website while using all the knowledge I have gained about creating good content.

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