IXD302 Wk12:- Presentation

This was the final week of IXD302 and the week that I did my presentation.

Presentation:     MoneyMattersPDF

My presentation had to be 5 minutes long and was done in front of 6 other people

I created both a powerpoint and a back up presentation on a PDF just in case any trouble was met. This meant that my presentation was given its best chance

I didn’t use any notes for my presentation, instead I just had talking points and I tried to ensure that I met all of those points when I was speaking

After the presentation I was also asked a question:

  • How will I finance the app

Since I intend to not charge customers I intend to finance Money Matters through partnerships with other businesses. This partnership will offer users of Money Matters discounts within different businesses.

Afterwards feedback was given:

I was told that my presentation was good and it sounded like something that could be needed

I just needed to develop my business plan a bit more


I was really happy with how the presentation turned out. I was quite nervous at the start but as I continued I became more relax and tried to keep a relaxed but formal presentation

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