IXD301 Wk12:- Presentation

A few days after my final class I then presented my presentation my lecturer (Kyle)

Presentation – IXD301 Presentation

The presentation seemed to go well, everything was exactly how I prepared it. The presentation was done on a large screen and I had a clicker that I used to switch to the next slide.

Luckily I did just do a presentation a couple days before for IXD302 so I felt that I could use what I learned from that experience during this new presentation.

My presentation ended up being 16 minutes but doing it I felt like it was only 8 minutes long.

At the end of my presentation I received some feedback:

  • I was told that my overall presentation was generally good and that it was consistent throughout.
  • Also that I could possibly minimise the amount of information that I had as my process shown could be cut down.
  • I was also told that my timings need to be worked on a bit more.

I ended up being really happy with how my presentation went and was proud of the work that I did.


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