IXD302 Wk1 – Design Firm Task

A task was given to look at design firms that are both local and international that represent great design work that I admire.


Honey & Jam – Honey & Jam main focus is to create a original piece of work that would hold up and stand the test of time. Honey and Jam do a great job of understanding their clients wants and providing it.

For example on this Spotify Student Campaign I found that they knew exactly what their target audience would want and what would capture their attention and they presented this design in the best way possible. The colours used are eye catching but not overwhelming and the language is something that students can relate to making this a good design

Pony – Pony is trying to find products with the potential to become unicorns. What I found within pony’s designs is that they are unafraid to try different things and styles.

For example with this Doctify project they took a more illustrative route which ended up working in favour to the project as it helped give it more personality/life. This is a great characteristic to have as it means that they are more likely to try things that other design firms may be more hesitant about, which can help them on their search to find unicorns.

Unbxd – Unbxd are a diligent and creative design team that specialises in brands. Within their branding and designs they are excellent at capturing the element of what the company is about.

This can especially be seen with their Baffi project. They aren’t afraid to use other media forms such as video and photographs in order to display the company in a way that will suit it. Within each design piece there is a sense of the brand and that’s what helps everything flow together nicely.


Pentagram – Pentagram is the worlds largest independently owned design studio. They offer a range of services from data visualisation to packaging. After researching pentagram I found that I really liked  their designs and work. They had clean, simple designs and everything that was done was done with a purpose.

They seemed to take an interesting approach with their designs. For example for their Saks Fifth Avenue project they opted to take the cursive logo that they designed with inspiration from the 1973 one and then divide the image into a grid of 64 small squares. The 64 tiles can then be shuffled and rotated to form an almost infinite number of variations. I found this idea really interesting as it meant that pentagram have accomplished creating  brand packing that will always fit together but will never be the same and they did it in such a clean and fresh way which helps their design to stay simple and last a long time.

Triboro – Triboro is design studio, their work is creative and modern. They are based in New York and I feel as if you can see a sense of their background within their work, especially their Nike NYC designs.

In this design I found that they were able to take the already existing Nike logo and create something new without changing it. I thought their design(s) work really well in general and shows how they put modernity into their work

Frog – Frog is a design firm that interested me as they have set up a narrative for themselves that they are dedicated to inventing the new/designing the future and they don’t mind being seen as the rebels within the design industry.

This is something that I can see take shape with some of their designs and even their webpage as their background changes from black to white depending on the page and their portfolio images slid over one another. This can also be seen through their designs for 23 and me, the terms connecting the dots was brought to life within their design and used to convey a message.

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