IXD301 Wk 2:- Considering Portfolio Content

Using  the work that I had done last week such as the content audit and the site map I was already starting to get a sense of the content that would be on my portfolio site.

Content would need to be written for the home page, about page, portfolio page, contact page and at least 3 case studies.

In class a guideline was given that could be followed while writing the content for the case studies.

  1. The Problem
  2.  Who I collaborated with
  3.  Tools used
  4.  Discovery phase
  5.  The process used to overcome the problem
  6.  Challenges came and overcame
  7.  The final outcome

The guideline given did not have to be followed but was there if needed and it could be used. I personally decided to use the guideline because I felt that it would help me give my content structure, which is exactly what it did.

I was still a bit unsure though of what I was going to to put into each of the pages and sections of my site content. Obviously the sections such as the problem and tools used could be easily written.

So I decided to just start writing about the exact process that I used to create each project. I then went through what I had written and fixed it to ensure that the words and sentences were as easy to understand as possible and that they showcased my work in the way I wanted.

Looking at different website examples I decided that I would keep my home page distinctively simple so that the main focus would be on who’s portfolio the user was on and what option they have for where to go next. Therefore the content on my home/landing page would simply be my name, a brief description of what I am and a call to action. This way I ensured that my website kept the simplicity that I wanted it to have

For my about page I already had an about section and social bio that I had previously written last year – Link. I still feel like it represents me well and maybe with some updates it would fit well into my site content. The main change that would be added would be to add a sentence or two about the fact that I am looking for placement for the year 2022-2023, so that any employers that reads my about section will be aware of this fact.

As for the contact page I decided that I would provide my email and Instagram in case anyone wanted to get in contact with me. I went against adding my number as including a detail as personal as my number on the internet is not the best idea. There was a lot of options that could be done such as a contact form, a contact footer, a contact section etc. I decided against using a contact form as they can sometimes be impracticable and don’t give a direct access from the user to me which is something that I wanted.

Looking at how different sites write their case studies was really interesting as they all took a different approach. Some went with lots of detail about the process while others just showed images. I decided that for my site I would follow the guideline that was suggested within class and use that to ensure that I wrote as much detail as possible about each of my case studies. This would also prove useful for employers that may look at my website as it would provide them with everything that they would need in regards to my process


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