Travel app research


I want to create a very different type of travel app, I want it to be very unique and memorable.

I started off by writing down some of my ideas, I decided to try and make it personal in a way.


  • Here is a link to my Wireframe Pinterest board.
  • UI moodboard link.

I really liked the simple illustrations used for this app design, this kind of design would work both for children and adults. I also like how they used a darker blue for the menu bar – it highlights and draws the eye there.

  • UX moodboard link.
  • Time travel moodboard link.
  • Space travel moodboard link.
  • Bible travel app moodboard link.

I really like this simple Illustrative style, the colours make it look nearly real while still keeping that playful illustrative style. I do however feel like it might have a more grown up vibe to it, like late teen/adult sort of aesthetic?

  • Gauntlet. This is an app I really liked, I loved the layout details.

I really liked the dark colour scheme as it is easier on the eyes.

My aim is to create a Bible app that takes kids through time to teach them bible stories. I know a lot of kids who have missed out in Sunday school because of Covid and I figured that this would be an ideal app for times like this and just in general. Growing up I would have loved an app like this as it modernizes the Bible without adapting the message. A teaching tool.

I think it might even be a fun idea to make it an app that grows with you? As you get older and are able to tackle more difficult Bible passages the app will help you and even offer recordings in a podcast manner of meetings with ministry and bible reading teachings.

I went into Procreate to start creating my illustrations for my app

I tried to create a rocky shore to illustrate Jonah and the big fish. I then decided that I didn’t really like look of it so I kept the wave and added the other elements of the story.

I started off by adding the sun behind it but I think I put it too low.

I drew a whale instead of a fish as in the Bible it is referred to as a fish and a whale.

I changed the look of the whale as it looked a tad too happy before. I also created a little avatar with a map with a cross on it to play on the whole bible travel app theme.

I then decided to focus on Noah and the ark, I kept the same wave as I started with as I felt like it added a bit of playfulness to the story.

These are the first drafts for my travel app screens.


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