Pizza brand task

FCreate a brand in a week. Design a brand for a pizzeria as a way of recap and to develop your skills. You can choose an existing one or come up with your own. YOU give it the personality and its focus. Is it fun, professional, high-end quality?

Start with words, research and competition

Establish tone of voice, word bank, etc…

Design a symbol in the shape of a symbol or monogram

ONLY produce 3 pgs —> PDF

A3 landscape format

Initial ideas

  1. chocolate pizzeria —-> a fun, quirky, experience.
  2. A pizza shop that lets you order many flavours —-> ideal for indecisive people

These were my two main ideals for my pizza brand as I wanted to create something different and fun, ultimately I went with the second option as it appealed to me an indecisive eater. This idea also seems like the more fun and challenging one to brand.

Since I want my pizzeria to have a fun and light-hearted approach to their clientele whist till providing good quality food, I decided that a clever pun would best represent that as its company name.

Name ideas

  1. Eat me quick
  2. Slice, Slice baby
  3. Wood fired
  4. Aloha —-> family focused
  5. Cheesy things
  6. Weir-dough
  7. Let’s get cheesy
  8. Indeslicesive

I felt like the name/pun indeslicesive would best represent my brand ideals, I then decided to make the words ‘slice’ in the name in capitals as it wold best represent the quirky, fun and happy brand tone of voice I wanted to achieve.


Friendly, quirky, fun, unique, tasty; these words best describe this brand, not only is it student friendly but it also caters to the more indecisive and picky eaters, everyone can find something to their liking here without causing a table argument. They sell individual slices of pizza with any topic the customer wants – their service is quick, efficient and well priced without sacrificing in quality.

Come one, come all.


  • Cheer me up Mondays – for every slice a customer buys they get another slice for free only on Mondays
  • 20% discount if you bring your student ID

Tone of voice

I want the tone of voice to be fun and quirky but still inviting and approachable, I think this would make the atmosphere more relaxed and welcoming. I would like the quirkiness to come through in not only the menus but also the art and décor in the pizzeria – puns galore! I want it to convey a friendly and comfortable atmosphere along with an eating experience.

Word bank

  • Quirky
  • Fun
  • Puns
  • Friendly
  • Slice
  • Quality
  • Fun Aesthetic
  • Approachable
  • Unique
  • Tasty

Visual Research

Here is a link to my Pinterest board



I started initially in procreate

I like the bottom one the best but it still needed to be fixed up

I decided to go for something simple and uncomplicated, just like the brand itself.

I then decided to take it a step further and make it more abstract, fun and uncomplicated

Here is my PDF version —> indeSLICEsive 2


Too simple, maybe the colours of the boxes can be varied, I need to add maybe a story to make it more relatale?

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