IXD103 – Application – Week 6

Exploring identity

Your brand is gateway to your true work, it will attract people who want the promise of your brand – which you deliver

-David Buck

What can I apply to my brand?

Think outside the box

What do I need, how would I introduce myself?

  • Social media/ online presence – CONSITENCY
  • Business cards – ESSENTIAL – they leave a lasting impression and are a must have for networking
  • Advertisement banners
  • Ads in newspapers
  • Website
  • Email signature
  • Packaging
  • Portfolio
  • Studio – could be interior décor. Office design ( eg monogram into a desk?
  • Corporate gifts
  • Apparel ( take it with you were you go eg phone case, tote bag, shirt. Become a walking ambassador for your brand)
  • Video Idents (signing off prototypes, videos and motion graphics)
  • Merchandise (stickers, phone case, laptop cover)
  • Literature (leaflets, pamphlets, etc)
  • Prototypes/presentations
  • Sponsorships
  • Blimps LOL
  • Headed paper (eg for letter or invoices)
  • Envelopes/Mailers (a good way to make an impact when sending CVs to employees)
  • Postcards (again good CV idea)
  • Stationary (they draw attention, provide more points of recognition)
  • Funding opportunities (using your brand to show professionalism and confidence when applying for funding for your digital products or start-ups) The more real you make something feel, the more willing/confident they will feel to invest. Solid mock-ups and prototypes are important.


Design your own business card, use your wordmark, typeface choice and monogram or symbol to design a business card. It must be 85x55mm. Consider both sides of the card.

Can use different paper types or colours and use a stamp to put in your details? paper finish


rugby printer

digit printing (Belfast)



  • Look for examples of good business cards

Deadline 08/02/21

  1. Backup work on blog
  2. Monogram, wordmark
  3. colours
  4. Research
  5. Sketches
  6. Business card
  7. Artist research

—– It will be in the form of group critiques —–

Book a tutorial for Thursday if needed.

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