This morning Alec showed us the boxing scene he had made and explained how key poses could be used to animate a scene. He also gave us the clip he used as a reference and asked us to time the animation and add any inbetweens we thought were necessary to make the animation flow better. The both boxers had some key posed done for us but the blue one had a lot less.


I started by timing out the red boxers movements, the punch was the fastest motion so all the frames came straight after each other. After timing the animation I started to add more frames, I add some at the start to help the anticipation pose flow more smoothly. I then added to the follow through of the punch as I thought it looked stiff. Lastly I added a few frames to the left arm after the punch to help it return to the defense position.


I changed the blue boxers start position a little as I wanted him to look more at the red boxer so when his head wiped back it would look more dramatic. I then added inbetweens to the fall as well as fixing the original key poses to look less stiff as he originally fell like a plank. Finally I added some follow through to the arms and legs once they hit the ground so it didn’t look like he hit the ground and stopped dead.

Overall I am happy with how it came out, I think the red characters punch looks natural and has power behind it. I also like how the blue character falls and move a little after hitting the ground.

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