April 22 2022

Animating Process


We had arranged to meet up on Tuesday and Wednesday to start animating, so we could do it as a group instead of separately. Tuesday and Wednesday were the days Charley had booked off work to do this module, so they were the only days she was available. Although some people weren’t available on Tuesday, we had agreed they could come in on Wednesday just and start their part then.

However this didn’t really work as Charley ended up getting food poisoning on Tuesday and couldn’t come in, Alexander had already said he couldn’t do Tuesday and Charlotte had some family issues arise in the morning and couldn’t get the train up. All of this was okay, as we still had the Wednesday. I and Jack looked over our models and made some adjustments to the rigging as we couldn’t start animating due to the person who was responsible for making up the environment, not being there.

On Wednesday everyone except one group member showed up, and we decided to make up the environment as we didn’t feel we could wait any longer before starting to animate, and that group member hadn’t sent it in yet. We emailed our assets and stuff to Alexander who then set up a simple background that we felt would work well enough for the progression of our scenes.

Animating my scenes

After leaving on Wednesday, I and Jack decided to start animating our scenes, as our characters are always in the same scenes. So Jack animated his character and then sent the file to me, and I added mine in and animated it. I then was in charge of animating the leaves falling as confetti for the party scene too since Jack had modelled them. I animated each leaf separately as I felt like it made it look more realistic and better. I had wanted to paint the leaves different colours to make it look like the leaves had actually been painted as confetti by the plants but we didn’t have enough time left, and Jack had been in charge of texturing these leaves.

This is the playblast of the spook scene

This is the playblast of the final party scene

More Issues

When it got to the end of the weekend, we decided to check up on the group. Apparently, nobody else had done any animating over this time and they wanted to meet up to try doing it again. We all agreed to go in on Wednesday to finish the animating, with two days for rendering then.

We got some animating done there, and Charley and Charlotte decided to stay at the uni overnight to try and get their parts finished and rendered. They said for everyone to send their scenes in and they could render them all together, as they decided to stay overnight the next day as well. I said I’d be happy to render my and Jack’s scenes since ours were already done but they said not to.

Then on the morning of the hand in, they informed me and Jack that our scenes hadn’t been rendered out and we would need to do them ourselves. I will admit I panicked a bit at that, as I was scared rendering would take way longer than I had left, and a little bit confused since I’d offered to render the scenes previously but they’d insisted for me not to.

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