Professional Practice – Week 2 Homework

This showreel showcased a good variety of animations, not relying too heavily on one piece. I think the editing was well done, everything feels fluid and the changes in animations aren’t too jarring. The music was upbeat and fit the animations being shown nicely, and it wasn’t too loud. I think the title part of the showreel could’ve used an art piece you could see more of and make out fully, instead of just a section.  It also could’ve used the person’s name and email to be displayed on it so people interested would have an easy time finding it, instead of having to check the description.


Animation Strategies – Week 3

This week we were given some models to texture in accordance with a chosen art style, along with some tutorials. I decided to try the photoshop filter texture methods in the tutorial, as well as the gradient colour maps so I would know how to use them in the future.

This is the textured tree

I was trying to match the art style of Valkyria Chronicles, though I think the lines would be best added in unreal as a shader.


Professional Practice – Week 1 Homework

Task 1: 

  • Understanding of art fundamentals
  • Skills in using unity
  • Team-player
  • Willingness to try new disciplines (UI/VFX/Animation, etc)

Task 2:

Carys Lewis – Junior 3D artist

I researched a 3D artist, Carys Lewis, who is based in the south of the UK and has been working in the industry for approximately 2-3 years.

Linkedin | Carys Lewis

Website | Carys Lewis

Instagram | Carys Lewis



Career journey –

Went to Northumbria university to do an animation BA, graduated with first class honours and was class representative in third year

Modelling for VFX course – technicolour Academy – June-July 2022

Did freelance work for little inventors –

Then became an animator and illustrator in Eluceo for 6 months

Went back to freelance but as a character artist for 1 year

Got a full time position as a junior 3D artist in Marmalade Games Studio, where she’s worked for 3 months

3D Literacy – Assignment 2 Overview Post

Sketchfab Link

Blog Posts in Order

Introduction to Blender

3D Literacy Assignment 2 – Concepts

3D Concept Sketches

Blocking out the model

Model Sculpting Progress – Details and Face

Model Sculpting Progress – Hands and Feet

Model Sculpting Progress – Hair

Model Sculpting Progress – Clothes and Details


Posing and Texturing the Model

3D Literacy – Assignment 2 – Reflection (200 words)

This Semester – Reflection

3D Literacy – Assignment 2 – Reflection (200 words)

I really enjoyed working on this assignment for the limited time that I was able to due to moving house and having no time. Despite the short amount of time I had to do the project, I was pretty happy with the concept and the model itself. (Definitely not the technical side though) I am quite disappointed that I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to, and I’ll probably do it for myself at a later date for peace of mind.

I think the model itself was great and I was really happy with it, and the texturing wasn’t that bad, especially given how little time i had left myself for texturing. However, when it came to the retopology I thought I was doing well with it, until it came to posing and nothing worked the way I wanted it to. Clearly, I need more practice in this. I wish I’d had more time to fix the things as I’m frustrated that’s how I had to leave it.

In terms of progress over the semester, I think my modelling skills have really improved and I believe it’s clear that’s where my skillset lies at the moment in terms of 3D. I need to practice more with texturing, as I still don’t fully understand how to do all the things I want to do

Posing and Texturing the Model

I ran out of time really badly, and even though I got it all textured, I’m having a lot of issues with uploading it to sketchfab as it has 2 UV maps somehow and sketchfab will only seem to let me display one of them, so I figured I’d upload what it’s meant to look like here.

I’ll look into it more afterwards but I need to hand in this assignment so.

Sketchfab I don’t understand you