April 22 2022

Snapdragon Rigging and Controls


I am so confused by rigging. I understand the basics of it, like the joints and parenting but when it comes to the more complicated parts I just don’t understand them. Like I had tried to make an IK handle so that if I moved the head then the stem would move automatically and I would’ve gone on to put one of the arms too. However, it just would not work at all for me.

So due to me being so far behind already I decided to just go with joints as my rigging, as it would work well enough for what i need to do, although I really wish I could’ve tried more on the rigging,


The controls make sense to me, as there aren’t that many complications with them. Although I’ll be honest and admit that it took me a few attempts to realise I needed to parent constraint them and not just parent.

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