May 2 2022

Last Day of rendering – Panic

I was worried that the rendering for my scenes would take way too long, especially with the incredibly short notice I was given, however, it didn’t seem to be that bad. Maybe my laptop was just handling it really well haha?

Party Scene attempt #1

I rendered out the ending party scene and then realised I had rendered the wrong one. The one without the leaves. Here is the wrong version anyway, since I did it. I won’t go into too many details of how I did it since it’s not the right one, but I used warm point lighting.

Spook Scene

while I was rendering the last scene, Jack was editing sound into the after effects file. While he was doing this he discovered that our team members had completely replaced one of the scenes we had animated with a hastily done short shot of our characters shaking. Our teammates had done this last minute and hadn’t mentioned it or informed us about this change. It wasn’t necessary for timing or anything so I don’t know why they changed it.

When I asked why the only person who answered didn’t seem to genuinely know why either.

So we decided since we were in charge of the final editing of the short, that we would replace this scene with the one we had originally done, instead of just rendering it and putting it on our blogs alongside the final piece. So I started rendering out that scene, which I had absolutely no trouble doing.

I used directional lighting with high exposure for it, to try and make the characters look creepier, compared to the final scene with the soft lighting to make them look friendlier. I was trying to match the way they had rendered their scenes, and the scene right before it with little communication or explanation on how it was done. I think it worked out well enough, and I’m surprised any of this is going okay considering how rushed it is now.


Party Scene Attempt #2

I needed to redo the rendering of this scene because I rendered the unfinished one the first time, like an idiot.

I used directional lighting this time, as it had been so successful on my last render.  I was going for something more warm and friendly than all the previous scenes, but I’m overall unsure of how well it turned out when put with the other scenes as the transition looks a little jarring to me.

Sign Scene 12

I was asked to render this scene out by my team who hadn’t had time to do it themselves, so I did. It took a while for me to get the textures I needed for it though because Charley didn’t send them through to me until like 3:30pm. However, I got them and managed to get them rendered.

I used directional lighting here too, as it seems to be my favourite one now haha.

I don’t think this shot made it into the final animation, however I did render it so I figured I may as well show it here.

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