February 16 2022

Week 1 Modelling Challenges

I decided to try and make a slightly more complex version of the table and chair models, although I found this extremely difficult to do with my limited understanding. I feel like it’s slightly better but I’m still not very happy with how it turned out, the chair looks too thin compared to the chunky table. However, it’s better than the last one.

I also tried to use some of the other slightly more complex tools like the extrude, bevel and smooth tools.

I wanted to make a more complicated glass, that wasn’t just like the umbrella in my original scene, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to do it. So I have found myself in the land of tutorials for help again. The Tutorials are at the bottom of this post.

I wanted to try actually texturing a glass so I followed a tutorial on it, and I think it looks really good! Though it was all done using Maya’s rendering engine. 😀

I used the method I learned from the video on how to model the glass to create the vase on my own. It’s not quite as complicated, as I was trying to replicate the image of the vase provided in the modelling challenges exactly. I’m not sure if it’s the perfect method or not, but it’s working for me so far!

This is all of them put together, the table and chairs definitely look very different from the rest.

The Tutorials Used:


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