#IXD103 Final Submission

SARAH BRAND GUIDELINES file:///Users/sarahcollinson/Downloads/sarah-portfolio_build2/index.html PORTFOLIO MOCKUP SARAH COLLINSON This branding project was a real learning curve for me as a designer as I came face to face with many challenges that I had to quickly overcome. It taught me how important the “small details” were in creating a brand and I now have such an […]

#IXD104 Final Submission

APP FINAL SARAH COLLINSON SEA-POLLUTION-INFOGRAPHIC-FINAL ai Our brief for this project was, with an emphasis on illustration, icon, diagrams and charts, to design an app based around travel. The app can involve any form of travel we wish from the microscopic to the planetary.  Given the vague nature of this task, it gave us lots […]

#IXD104 App Refinement

After finishing the last page of my type screens for my app, I decided I wasn’t fully happy with the final outcome of the product. I realised some screens were a bit too cluttered for my liking so decided I needed to change the layout. I also decided to change the font of the main […]

#IXD103 Refining my Portfolio Site

I continued to refine my portfolio site to further tidy it up and make it as professional as possible. A way in which I further refined it from the last time was I made circular icons representing each project and put it in the work section to separate each project and to make the overall […]

#IXD103- Creating a Visual Marque

Our next task for developing our brand is to create our own visual marque. This should be something that represents the persona of our brand. Many global companies are primarily recognised for their visual marques before their name or wordmarks EG Starbucks. Pictorial symbols are non-abstract symbols and are iconic in nature. They convey a […]

#IXD104- “Solo Steps” Travel App

“Solo Steps” is a travel app for solo travellers who still want guidance and reassurance that they are not entirely on their own. After looking for Inspiration for my Travel app I began to create mind maps on what I wanted my app to be like. I was instantly more drawn to focusing my app […]