#IXD103 Refining my Portfolio Site

I continued to refine my portfolio site to further tidy it up and make it as professional as possible.

A way in which I further refined it from the last time was I made circular icons representing each project and put it in the work section to separate each project and to make the overall site run a lot smoother. I think this looks a lot more professional and makes the site a lot less cluttered.

Before and After Refinement of Portfolio Site

when you click on a project you are welcomed to a new page which resembles the project so that each project is separated instead of every project being below each other on the same page.

I think this layout is much more successful and I am very happy with the outcome of it as I think the site accurately represents and ties in with the rest of my brand, creating a consistent style. I have kept the colour scheme the same as the rest of my personal branding which has worked well as if a potential client comes across my brand they will be able recognise it. EG the back of my business card is the same as the header of my portfolio site.

Below is a PDF of how I want my portfolio site to look when I acquire the skills to code it to the level I wish the final product to be.


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