ixd103 final submission

Brand Guidelines – ixd103 brand guidelines finished-converted.pdf Portfolio Site – https://leoniesmythixd.github.io/IXD101/ Final work pdf – ixd103 final work-converted.pdf Brand Summary When creating my brand I wanted to come across fun, friendly and professional. I have done this through my monogram and word mark design as well as my set tone of voice and brand values. […]

ixd103 design revisits from week 11 group critique

Brand Guidelines I have reconsidered my colour palette again and simplified it to three colours, and mentioned two tints. I have spaced out the monogram and visual marque onto their own pages. I have added so small ‘Aa’ to the typography page and changed the header text to the navy blue which will be continued […]

ixd103 week 11 group critique reflection

Work I uploaded for the group critique on Miro. Included in the board; monogram wordmark primary type and secondary type visual marque colour consideration business card physical and digital touchpoint portfolio site mock up link to brand guidelines Tutor Feedback consider navy colour for text instead of dark orange (business card) first – orange second […]

ixd103 week 10 reflection and tasks

Semester Recap Week 1: Language Values, tone of voice, bio and stories, strategies Basically, where everything comes from. It starts with communication, and language is the basic form of this. Beginning with words is the best way to begin a brand: everything that the audience will choose if it is relatable.   Week 2: Monograms […]

ixd103 week 09 reflection and tasks

Portfolio Sites S.W.O.T Analysis (30 mins) Outlining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is very useful when undertaking any project. It helps consider what we want to project into the world.   Strengths –        Research- visual e.g., mind maps, mood boards, sketches. –        Creative, can bring unique ideas to my projects. Opportunities –        Spend […]

ixd103 week 08 reflection and tasks

Style Guides and Pattern Libraries Style Guide – The physical or digital document that represents the styles, patterns, practices, and principles of a design system and teaches how to use it. Style guide includes your brand guidelines. Pattern Library – An organised set of related, reusable components, often containing code examples, design guidelines, and use […]

ixd103 week 07 group critique reflection and tasks

Brand Guidelines This is about setting the rules. These are all your decisions collated and summarised into a guideline to ensure it looks and feels the same, particularly with collaborators in mind. This allows a team to work from the same page and understand the decisions. A reference guide on what they can do and […]

ixd103 week 05 reflection and tasks

Illustrator Demo A3 landscape print- page to work from as we don’t know yet what layout the monogram with go on. Windows – workspace – Essentials classic   Tools to remember…   Left Hand Menu Selection tools – one selects the object, the other selects the anchor point, allowing you to move that point. Pen […]

ixd103 week 04 reflection and tasks

Kinds of Identification Uniqueness Value Holding Power Description Association Tone of Voice Graphic excellence (quality) Reputation Discretion Repetition (& recognition) Design Programme When a trademark is used to identify an organisation, it works together with other graphic elements in a design programme, each part of the plan for a visual identity. Through this a company […]

ixd103 week 02 reflection and tasks

1 Hour Task Write your first name using letterforms made only out of these geometric shapes. Circle, square, and triangle. Consider… What is necessary to make the letters recognisable? What can be left out? How do you differentiate the letters enough but maintain a consistency?     Pentagram Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio. […]