ixd303 week 12

This week was the final critique, but I didn’t attend due to being unwell. So I did ask some peers to give me some feedback separately to help me see where I’m going wrong and right with my screens. For this I did have my screens and prototype nearly done. Feedback from peers Consider using […]

ixd303 week 10

This week was mostly getting screens done. We did a lecture looking at the use of grids, I found this helpful as sometimes I struggle with layout and keeping things even. I have been quite unwell the last couple of weeks so I have been focusing on finishing screens so I can move onto prototyping […]

ixd303 week 09

Project Update and One to One At the moment I am still working on screens and starting to think on how my prototype is going to flow. I have some ideas for the welcome screens, for the use to hoover over the screens and they will flow through. Since the week 07 critique I have […]

ixd303 week 07 critique

link to pdf I submitted for this week’s critique here Feedback circles a little confusing wouldn’t know what circles meant till explained lovely colour palette good idea so far just need to develop more maybe consider playing about with the logo and type more for different outcomes Overall I think the critique went well. I […]

ixd303 week 06

This week we looked at design sprints. The technique is to test a prototype within 5 days. Look at the problem, see the solution and production direction. This saves time at the end of the production. Today we will be conducting a design sprint in teams with the goal of completing it in one day. […]

ixd303 week 05

Reminder – week 07 critique, you need a slide deck prepared brand name, logo user personas brand guidelines initial wireframes three screens demonstrating final design This week we looked at content design. Content takes many forms; text, image, video and data. Typography shapes words, so we need to give thought to those words. Words are […]

ixd303 week 04

This week we looked at how to sketch interfaces. Paper’s low-fidelity approach enables lots of outputs. It allows fine detail by doing most of the work before it goes to Figma. Speed Drawing Exercise Sketching a padlock, speech bubble, house, heart, magnifying glass and camera in 20 seconds, 10s and 5s. Miller’s Law – Miller’s […]

ixd304 final submission links

Final Submission Links below in case there is any issues with Blackboard submissions Link to Prototype – https://www.figma.com/file/6LmCQNycQsUGLjx4SMF4kv/apollo-project-2.0?node-id=0%3A1   Link to eBook – adobe view – https://indd.adobe.com/view/60c8ec39-d661-4c63-881d-e93a763c4ed2 pdf file – Apollo Times ebook pdf final    

ixd304 week 07

This week we looked at how to make an eBook and how to successfully story tell through an eBook as there is a lack of immersive with eBooks. Layout is one of the most important factors in eBook. Go into graphic design and think about columns, how the content will flow, will an image go […]