ixd104 week 07 reflection

Visualising Data   Looking at raw data and trying to pull out a sense of order within that to find cures, solutions etc. In the UX seeing how data can work in new and different ways. Diagrams: The trick is finding the right type of data and presenting it in the right type of way. […]

ixd104 week 05 reflection

Tying it all Together By now you should have: Icon set(s) – master apprentice and own Cityscape(s) – master apprentice and own A UI Design idea on paper/digital   Principles of User Interfaces Format Content Think about layout on the screen. Is it a mobile or tablet, and does it fit comfortably? Touch controls: consider […]

ixd104 week 04 reflection

Illustrating Interfaces By now you should have done: Master apprentice exercises Mind-mapping ideas Sketches and wireframe The Interface Why illustration in UI? Types on illustrating UI Styles of illustrating UI Workflow… illustrating UI. The essence of illustration To clarify To make clear by giving or by serving as an example or instance To provide with […]

ixd104 week 03 reflection

Hand to Mouse Looking at different approaches to illustration through different illustrators. Illustrations can be- Tablet drawn (pro create) Vectors Illustrator / Photoshop / Figma / Sketch Hand drawn on paper.   Jorge Colombo I really like Colombo’s style, simple but his use of colour is effective to his work. I particularly like his illustrations […]

ixd104 week 02 reflection

Getting Iconic Icon Design You need to understand how these work, where they should appear, and how to create these. “capturing the essence of the object in as few lines as possible, while retaining its essence. Icons are tiny poems.” – Kyle Tezak Push those basic elements as much as possible.   Icons have history. […]

ixd104 week 01 reflection

Your blog should be a source of easy marks and should include: Reflection on what we have covered Research relevant designers/illustrators Mindmaps, sketches, wireframes and prototypes   Introduction to module and projects. Travel App in a nutshell. Icon set (5 icons) Icons of cities Simple interface Your own travel app Three screens Home (launch screen) […]

ixd104 week 06 group critique reflection/revisits

Week 06 Group Critique Below is some notes left on my work from my peers during week 06’s critique.     Tutor Critique  Retro feel Maybe make the logo a bit brighter as it gets lost against the black background launch and pick buddy look great ‘pick a planet’ maybe keep them the same width […]

ixd104 – creating travel app screens

Screens  welcome fade page – includes the name of the app and some of the icons/illustrations launch page- launch the spaceship pick a planet pick a space buddy planet select page(s) planet learn page(s) Some Progress screenshots     Screens ready for Group Critique Week 06 space buddies names come from the two of the […]

ixd104- Travel App Icons/Illustrations

Below is the icon set of planets I created for my app. I think all of them have their own characteristics and came out the way I wanted. I found creating them a little difficult as the curved shadow took a while for me to grasp how to smoothly create it. I did these icons […]

ixd104 – infographic icon designs

Below are icons I have created so far my infographic. As I’m covering the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster, I decided to create icons to represent each natural disaster/accident that took place. Most were created on Figma except the Tsunami icon/illustration. I struggled trying to create a shape that looked natural or look anything like a wave. […]