ixd104 week 01 reflection

Your blog should be a source of easy marks and should include:

  • Reflection on what we have covered
  • Research relevant designers/illustrators
  • Mindmaps, sketches, wireframes and prototypes


Introduction to module and projects.

Travel App in a nutshell.

Icon set (5 icons)

Icons of cities

Simple interface

Your own travel app

  • Three screens
  • Home (launch screen)
  • Pick a city, country, planet.
  • Detail of city
  • Working prototype

Who is the app for?

Think about the audience.

Look at different approaches, expand on your ideas.

Master Apprentice – travel icons recreations.

Designer research

John Hicks (HicksDesign)

Hicksdesign is the creative partnership of Jon & Leigh Hicks, working with clients globally design since 2002 from our studio in Oxfordshire, UK.

Mostly known for their logo work for Firefox, MailChimp and Shopify,  skills cover a much broader spectrum of services and mediums.


Web and Product Design

From low-fidelity wireframing and prototyping to a final coded design. They work directly in the browser  as much as possible with design tools such a Figma). Also setup sites in Statamic and Kirby and work alongside front-end developers to provide a complete service.

Brand Identity

Refining and updating existing logos to increase effectiveness without losing brand equity.


This is a speciality of theirs, with working with brands such as Skype, Spotify and Dyson.


They also can work in traditional print publishing.


From looking at their work I really like Iconography. Their icons are simplistic with the right amount of detail so thy are easily identifiable. I think researching their work will be helpful with how I design my icons, if I want to do a more simplistic icon set then I think they are good to reference for their style.


Vic Bell – Illustrator, iconographer, brand designer

I decided to look at two projects of Bell’s, the first one is his iconography work for Uber and the second one is his illustration work with Netlify.



I really like the simplicity of this set of icons, they focus on linework and I think this makes them easily recognisable and makes them stand out. I like how he sized them down to their simplistic form, this shows how easily identified some shapes together can be to show the appearance of a particular object.



I looked at this project as I liked how Bell showed his process, his early sketches to his digital drawings to the final illustrations. I find this is a good element to show from projects as it helps tell the journey of the work. I also really like his illustrative style; it reminds me of a ‘flash’ tattoo page mixed with a modern cartoon style. This type of illustration interests me, and I find it a very popular style through research. This is a style that I want to try or incorporate into my work, using Vic Bell’s work as a reference/inspiration.

 Website Reference – https://www.vicbell.co.uk/

Self Reflection

From this week’s content and research, I found it helpful in finalising my idea for my travel app. This week was mostly an introduction into the module and projects, from this I was able to start organising when I roughly have to have project two started and when I need to have project one finalised for without overlapping the projects too much to help combat any unnecessary added stress for the upcoming weeks.

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