ixd304 week 12

Week 12 Critique

Remember – Hand in – 3rd May 2022 – Link to blog, Link to prototype, Link and/or upload eBook

Link to pdf for critique here – apollo project for crit

Included in the pdf for this week’s critique is the final eBook. Including a front page, two double spreads, three pages that are on the disasters and the final page an ad page created as a nod to old products that were available during the space program era, this page also holds the copyright links for all content used in the eBook. Just something a little more fun than just a final page for copyright.

Tutor Feedback

  • Padding on front page, too tight against lines and images. Text also needs to be bigger for the title. Also needs a small description under subtitle
  • On information pages for example, ‘fire’ should be a bigger title also. Normally in newspapers, titles like this take up that whole first section of the page.
  • On the paragraphs that tell you about each astronaut, the names need to be in bold and maybe a slightly bigger size.
  • Not sure about both titles and body text being sans serif. Also needs more colour integrated in.
  • Look at an actual newspaper, it’s going in the right direction. Look at the New York Post, consider layout, body text, padding and spacing overall throughout the whole eBook.

After today’s final critique, I think I’m content with how my eBook is looking, I know what I have to do to improve the overall layout and design. Moving forward over Easter I plan to get my blog updated as I’m a little bit behind and work away on the eBook to get it to a better standard than seen today during critique

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