ixd304 week 07

This week we looked at how to make an eBook and how to successfully story tell through an eBook as there is a lack of immersive with eBooks. Layout is one of the most important factors in eBook. Go into graphic design and think about columns, how the content will flow, will an image go across a double page spread? You can experiment. Trying different things will open your eyes to innovation. These can be represented in your research blog.

Depending on the project or medium, grids can present type in one column and image in another, clarifying information for the reader. You can organise elements within space, set up colours considering the audiences, desaturated colour can supply information in an understated way and reinforce the brand. Space communicates volumes. It must be strong and clear to hold information but must not fill every part of it. Empty space can give appropriate room to read, creates drama and focus.


I found this week’s lecture to be helpful as I will be turning my prototype into an eBook. I found it useful mostly because I wasn’t sure on how to make an eBook and what software to use to design up my pages. I will be using InDesign to create my pages, but I will use my Figma prototype as close reference as after changing my concept for my project, I think my prototype is a lot more suited for an eBook design. In this blog post I’m going to discuss below the changes I made to project after changing my concept.


I decided to do a newspaper/magazine type layout. I took into consideration how I would write the headlines and body type, to make it sound like a tabloid as such. Below is the a quick visual board of some papers, a new style tile and wireframes I did for the new concept.

Below are the screens I created for the new prototype

Link to updated prototype click here 

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