Year: 2020

IXD102 – History of the Internet

This week, during Friday’s class, we took a look at the history of the internet. Vannevar Bush Dr Vannevar Bush was an American engineer, inventor and science administrator. He headed to the US during WWII, where he emphasised the importance of scientific research to national security and economic well-being, and was chiefly responsible for the…Continue Reading IXD102 – History of the Internet

IXD102 – Web Essay

Link to Github: Writing My Essay Introduction Michael Bierut is one of the leading and most innovating artists of modern design. A graphic designer, design critic and educator, he has spent the last four decades striving to represent and change people’s everyday lives, by creating engaging work that people want to read and look…Continue Reading IXD102 – Web Essay

IXD102 – Postmodernism

This week during Friday’s class, we took a look at Postmodernism. Postmodernism Towards the end of the 70’s, many artists began to feel that modernism was drawing to a close, and there was a climate of cultural change. There was a rise to challenge the order and clarity of modernism, which sent shock waves to…Continue Reading IXD102 – Postmodernism

IXD101 – Web Typography

This week in Monday’s class, we took a look at web typography. Universal Typography Tim Brown spoke about Universal Typography. He shared how to practice typography in a way that is equally as universal as the web. He focuses on traditional typographic principles, while also embracing progressive enhancement. He goes on to explain how fonts,…Continue Reading IXD101 – Web Typography